Cycling is not just a sport, but also a lifestyle for those who love the extreme, health improvement or just for a healthy lifestyle. Everyone chooses what they prefer most: either speed cycling on the race track or road, or to overcome natural and man-made obstacles or to perform stunts trick on the bike. Those are the basic categories: race on the track's road cycling, mountain biking, bicycle cross (bmx - bicycle moto cross).  There are so many type of the bike you can choose, visit this link for further review;

  • Road Cycling

    This cycling discipline, which is a race on road over for specific distant. Road racing are the most popular compare to other categories of bicycle sports and is considered as a commercial sport. In Olympic it is included as individual and group race category. 

  • Individual race  - is the road race with a separate start. Riders begin to start one at intervals, determined by the organizer. Under the rules of the fastest riders will start last. The winner is the rider who pass the distance in the shortest time.

  • In the road race teams start simultaneously. Riders need to go the distance in the 50-200 km, depending on the particular race. In order to reach the finish line first, the team must use some tactics.

    Criterium - a race in a circle, which is carried out directly on the city streets. The rules are that after a number of circles they a fight for sprints, where the raiders are gaining the bonus points. The winner is the one who collected the higher points. The advantage of criterium is an opportunity for the audience to watch the actual struggle between the competitors, because they sit very close to the track.

    Stage race held in several stages includes time trial race and group race and lasts for at least two days. The one who goes through all the stages in the minimum time will declared as the winner. Tour de France is the most famous stage race. It is held in France and lasts for three weeks.